• Facilities Master Plan 

    In April 2018, the Addison Central School District Board formally charged the Planning and Engagement Committee with the development of a district-wide Facilities Master Plan.  The purpose of the plan is to align ACSD educational goals and the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan with facilities and enrollment realities.  To do so, the committee partnered with district administration to analyze data, synthesize perspectives, and provide guidance and leadership to the full board in developing a master plan to support short- and long-range decision making for ACSD facilities.  

    In June 2018, a Steering Committee was formed to provide feedback to the Planning and Engagement Committee and to keep stakeholders informed to foster openness and inclusion throughout the planning process. 

    Steering Committee Members

    Board: Mary Cullinane (Board Member), Jennifer Nuceder (Committee Chair); Administration: Peter Burrows, Vicki Wells, Jen Kravitz, Bill Lawson; Faculty/Staff: Erika Garner, Chris Altemose, Sharon Fletcher, Megan Sutton; Community Members: Leonard Barrett, Mary Heather Noble, Ron White; Students: Wyatt Rubright, Sam Warren


    The Facilities Master Plan for ACSD will ensure the following:

    • Facilities provide spaces that support the educational programs and goals of the District.
    • Schools provide a healthy, comfortable learning environment.
    • Schools provide a safe and secure school environment.
    • Schools meet current codes and regulations, including requirements for accessibility, fire-life-safety and structural safety.
    • Strive for a more equitable balance of resources such as core and non-core, co-curricular and extra-curricular programming
    • Achieve increased efficiency and effectiveness with a larger pool of resources
    • Schools continue to foster relationships with support the engagement of the community members and groups.


    Desired Outcome

    Adoption of a 5-10 year Master Plan with an understanding that this is a living document to be revisited annually.

    Master Planning Process

    The Master Planning Process encompasses five phases:

    Phase 1: Master Planning Committee and Board establish goals.

    Phase 2: Committee and Board review data and engage with the ACSD community.

    Phase 3: Committee drafts Master Plan recommendations, shares with Board and community.

    Phase 4: Revision, discussion, adoption of the Plan.

    Phase 5: Implementation and annual review.


    Read the Addison Central School District Facilities Master Planning Document here.