• Course Description:  

    This course is the third in a sequence of four to work through both the Common Core standards for high school math as well as additional mathematics you will need to take advanced courses.  This course is rigorous with a new topic being taught almost every class.

    Our materials are drawn from The Mathematics Visions Project website.  The course covers MVP modules 2.4 – 3.4

    We have two essential questions for the semester: How do functions help us model the real world?  How do inductive and deductive reasoning help us think clearly?  Some of the topics we will cover as we go are: conjectures & proof, circles, piecewise definitions, similarity, conic sections, functions & inverses (logarithmic, polynomial, rational)


    Units of Study

    Unit 1:  More Functions (2.4)

    Unit 2:  Geometric Figures (2.5)

    Unit 3:  Similarity and Trig Ratios (2.6)

    Unit 4:  Circles  and 3-D Geometry (2.7)

    Unit 5:  Circles and other Conics (2.8)

    Unit 6:  Logarithmic Functions (3.1)

    Unit 7:  Data Analysis (3.2)

    Unit 8:  Statistics (3.3)