• Equations and Expressions

    The Pool Tiles Problem

    pool tiles


    rows and columns

    columns and strips

    perimeter and inside

     total rows and columns

    whole squares

    Mrs B's

    tp table

    tp graph


    bridges 1

    bridges 2

    bridges 3

     Here were two ways of seeing the rectangle problem on the front of the "Patterns HW"


    Here are 4 ways that people saw the fountains problem on the back of the Patterns HW.

    fountains1 fountains2

    Here is what was decided worked for y = x*x+1 versus what worked for y = x(x+1)


    Here are different diagrams students made to match b = 7n


    Here are different diagrams students used to match b = 4n+3n (notice how they are the same or similar to b = 7n above)


    Here are diagrams students used to match b = 3 + 4n


    FACTORED FORM - area of the whole rectangle, with at least one side cut into smaller lengths.

    EXPANDED FORM - the sum of the areas of the smaller rectangles to find the area of the larger rectangle.

    SIMPLIFIED FORM - the simplest way to express the area of a rectangle.

    (Students have models for the definitions above in their vocabulary and classwork sections of their binders).