• Course Objectives:

    To the left are links to the objectives for each unit.  I recommend you use these to help self-assess your understanding as you progress through the course.  In particular, this is a good place to look as you prepare for and study for assessments.  For instance, you can consider the following questions:

    Do I understand what each objective says?  

    If you don't understand the objective or all of the vocabulary used, look up the terms and search through your classwork and homework for related material.  The internet is another very useful resource!

     Can I identify problems from our classwork and homework that match up with each objective?  Can I successful solve these problems now?  

    Try to solve the problems again.  Create similar problems and try to solve them.  While it is good to look at your old work as you study, the most important step is to actual practice solving problems! Solve and resolve until you have it down.

    Can I anticipate what sort of questions will be asked to address this objective on the assessment?

    If you don't feel like you know what questions I may ask, then please ask.  One of the challenges as a student is to figure out what material is more important and what material is not.  This is an important skill to develop...and I am happy to give you lots of hints as you work toward this goal.