• Schoolwires for Teachers Walkthrough


    Log in screenshot

    At the top of our web page (acsdvt.org) is a log in button.  Click that.  It will take you to a log in screen.  Your username is your first initial, last name, all lower case.  You can reset your password from there if you need to.  

    Once you have logged in, go right back to where that Log In button used to be.  It should now say My Account.  Click that.

    My Account Screenshot

    This will take you to the Site Manager.  Your Site Manager it the top level that you have access to.  It could be a school homepage, a department homepage, or your personal page.


    department level screenshot

    This is what the Tech Dept. section looks like.  On the far left, you can see green bars next to each page that say "ACTIVE".  To deactivate a page, click on this bar and it will change to "INACTIVE".  If you would rather delete the page, you may do so by clicking on the Actions button, and then delete.  The department pages are nested.  Home and Tech Team are on the same level, but the employee page is nested under the department page.  To change the nesting and the order of the pages, click on Organize Pages at the top.  You may also add a New Page from the top row of buttons.  The icons next to each page show the type of app on that page.  

    Unlike traditional webpages, Schoolwires is a content management system.  Each page can hold one or more "apps".  Each teacher should have an About Teacher app.  If you do not already have a page, use the New Page button on this screen to create the page.  Give it your full (first and last) name.

    New Page Screenshot


    This has created both the page AND the app.

     ABout Teacher screenshot

    Enter a short biography and introduction in the space provided.  Do not use content like "Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!" unless you really plan on updating this throughout the year.  The controls on this app work much like any word processor: you may change font, color, text size, etc.  The block link button may be used to add a web link to your page.  Please include a photo of yourself.  Displaying a photo helps incoming students feel comfortable.  There are two tabs on this page.  The second tab is "Details".  This gives you a spot to list where you went to school and what you studied.

    save screenshot

    Don't forget to hit Save on the bottom part of the page.  In order to see what you just entered looks like, click on the View Website link within the black bar at the top of your screen.  This will open a new browser window with your webpage.

    view website screenshot

    Congratulations!  You now have a completed app on your page!