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    2022 Grant Deadline - October 17th, 2022

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    2020-2021 Grants Awarded 

    Mary Hogan Preschool Deb Martin Preschoolers Ice Skating/Skiing
    Mary Hogan School Floribeth Jimenez Spanish Rockalingua Membership
    Mary Hogan School Troy Douglas/Jeff Lester/Jena Zuckerman Team Initiative
    Mary Hogan School Alyssa Mongelli Greenhouse
    MUHS Ben Krahn The Hate You Give: From Bearing Witness to Voices of Protest
    Salisbury Elizabeth Foster Engineering Kits
    Salisbury Megan Sutton, Amy Clapp Engaging Literacy Instruction in IB Inquiry Unit
    Weybridge Nicole Carter, Elizabeth Burrows Pandemic Regulation to Support Academics
    Weybridge Christina Wadsworth, Sarah Metcalf Making Music


    Several years ago a group of friends and neighbors got together to encourage new approaches to public education; they knew that innovative teaching had to be celebrated and rewarded. So they launched a fundraising campaign to endow a program of grants to teachers, students and community members for a wide variety of projects which just can't be anticipated or included in the school budget. 

    Thus was born the Addison Central Educational Endowment Fund (ACEEF). Under the Addison Central School District's non-profit status, ACEEF is governed by a community-based Board of Directors drawn from the district's member towns.  ACEEF was established to promote excellence and opportunity for students and teachers in the Addison Central School District. The Endowment Fund raises money to support innovative programs which are beyond the scope of the schools' budgets. Since it was established in 1989, ACEEF has awarded over 300 grants benefiting every school in ACSD. 

    The innovative partnership that the Addison County community has forged with its schools with the creation of ACEEF has provided an excellent opportunity for our teachers, students and community members to develop unique and unusual projects for the benefit of students without the bureaucratic requirements that often plague grant development.

    • Support creative opportunities that stimulate students' interest and learning. 
    • Encourage programs that generate enthusiasm and personal initiative among teachers, students, parents, and community members. 
    • Encourage students to broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons. 
    • Strengthen public support for, and awareness of, the school system. 

    • Proposals that encourage excellence and most closely approach ACEEF goals. 
    • Projects not traditionally funded by tax funds. 
    • Potential for sharing project concepts with other schools. 
    • Attention should be paid to distribution of awards throughout ACSD. 
    (Grants are awarded once a year. Deadline for grant application is early to mid-October of each year. Exact dates of grant application deadlines will be posted as they become available. Grant money will be available for projects from November 8 through May 15 of the following year.)

    2021-2022 ACEEF Board of Directors: 

    President: Emily Bridges, Vice-President: (vacant), Secretary: Sarah Ingersoll, Treasurer: Nancy Wollum

    Board Members: Shelly Becker, Kathy Boe, Diane Hare, Adrienne MacIntyre, Melanie Parton, Deb Evans, Julie Barry, and Bethany Morrissey


    ACEEF is currently looking for new board members.  Contact Sarah Ingersoll at singersoll@acsdvt.org if you are interested in joining.

    To contact Emily Bridges at shoqshaq@shoreham.net