• 4/3/20 Cornwall News and Fun Friday

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 4/3/2020 1:20:00 PM

    Hello Cornwall families,


    I thought  I’d start this week’s newsletter with the FUN!


    Question of the Week

    When a student makes a correct guess regarding the baby in the Question of the Week, Laurie will mail out certificates for prizes (to be collected once we return to school or mailed to 6th graders who guess correctly). 

    Although we did not get any correct guesses this week, we put together some hints:

    • Take a look at my hair. The color has changed, but the style is the same!


    • I was not at school every day.




    Please have your children look  at the photo, think about the hints, and

    email their guess to questionoftheweek@acsdvt.org.

    They may need your help with emailing :).


    We will reveal the identity and any prize winners next week, so stay tuned!  We will also post a new photo at that time.


    And, now to the business-


    April break 

    April break will take place as scheduled!

    The district has been waiting for guidance from the state, and we just heard that schools will follow the calendars as created at the beginning of the year.

    We expect to receive further guidance on meal service during break within the next week.


    Contacting  School during school closure

    If you need to contact the school, you may do so via email and you may still do so by phone.

    When you call the school, you will hear a message directing you to use a different number, which will lead you to Laurie.


    Or, you may call 802-349-5934, which is an alternate number that has been set up and will lead you to Heather.


    You are welcome to call either of us, and if we cannot help you (or are not who you need!), we will connect you to others or pass on your message to others as needed.


    As during the regular school year, if you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher or to me.


    And, please continue to take care of yourselves!




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  • 3/27/20 Cornwall News (plus Fun Friday)

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 3/27/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Hello Cornwall families,


    I started this newsletter earlier in the week, but as has become part of our “new norm,” things have changed dramatically since I started writing and I’m going to start all over….

    At the end of the communication part, there is a little bit of fun for you and your student(s)! 


    As you have probably seen, Governor Scott has directed schools to remain dismissed through the end of this school year. This news, although not surprising, brings up a lot of thoughts and feelings. 


    The immediate response from staff was sadness and concern for students and families. We miss seeing students every day, the back and forth of talking with them and laughing with them, supporting them as needed, and just plain spending time with them! We definitely want students to know that although we will not be together in the same room until August, teachers will be here for them until June just as if we were in school together. 


    We now know we are in this for the long haul which, I have to admit still feels a bit weird. This past week, teachers started interacting with students through virtual platforms. Some of it went well and some of it didn’t. This is a new world for all of us - teachers, staff, students, and families - and we are all learning as we go. To use an analogy, we are sailing the ship while we are still building it. That means there will be some mistakes along the way, we will learn from them and adjust, and that will be OK.


    One thing we learned this first week is that many students and teachers are eager to get learning and to connect. Others, both students and teachers, are still figuring out how to connect and use these new platforms.  That has resulted in some inconsistency from grade to grade and school to school. We are aiming to improve and become more consistent. The conversations you have been having with teachers, letting them know what is working and what is challenging are very helpful as we work to improve. Thank you very much for all of your collaboration and communication.


    As part of the  collaborative process, teachers are working with teams - interventionists, specialists, guidance counselors, special educators and support staff as well as with grade level teams across the district to build this ship that we’re sailing and find ways to best support students.  We know that families are also building their own ships at home while navigating what all of the changes mean for you and your family.  


    Please do what you need to do for your family - school is a great constant even in this changing world, but some may need to step back to prioritize in other ways. Balance is important and can also be a struggle, so please prioritize your needs and please feel free to reach out. 


    Lastly, a little fun!!  Laurie has been posting baby pictures of a staff member on the “Question of the Week” board. When school closed, there were no correct answers for the baby in this picture. Please show it to your kids and if they would like to make a guess, you may email their guess to questionoftheweek.cornwall@gmail.comClick on the link below to see the picture so you can start taking guesses!

    Guess Who??


    When there are correct guesses, Laurie shares the name of the winner during our All School Meeting on Wednesdays. She will check on Wednesday to see if we have any correct answers or if we need to start giving hints!


    Please, take care of yourselves!




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  • Fun Friday

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 3/20/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Hello Cornwall Families!


    FOCS is bringing a little fun to your Friday!


    Please see the below message from FOCS -


    FOCS is transitioning the Second Movie Night into a Virtual format!  We'll be broadcasting this Friday, March 20th, at 6:30 PM.


    Using the social media app "Kast," available for free from iPhone and Android app stores and on your computer (https://kast.gg), everybody can watch a movie together at the same time and even type in comments as we go along!


    This is a bit of an adventure, so please bear with us as we do our best to make this work.  We've tested it out a bit, but you never know, of course. So far, on a laptop, it seems like the video quality is passable but a bit fuzzy/choppy; it seems to be best when it's not in full-screen mode, so we've been toggling a bit between full-screen for the size and smaller for the quality.  (We haven't yet tried it on our phones.) There's a premium version that you can get free for 7 days that supposedly gives you better video quality; we tried it and it maybe helped some. Still, it was passable enough with both versions that we thought it would be worth trying, as long as everyone's a bit understanding.


    To get us rolling, use this link to tell us your preferred movie option!

    Vote for Your Preferred Movie!


    Votes can be cast until 4pm.


    Please send us your votes and we'll tally them up and let you know which one is the winner.  (Sorry, one vote per family to keep things simple for now.)  


    No need to pay for the movie; we'll do that and broadcast it from our computer, so you can just view it using Kast.  We'd encourage you to sign up for Kast beforehand; it's pretty quick, but that way you don't have to do it when you want to start watching.


    We'll send a link to join the virtual movie watching room before it starts.  Thank you all for being good sports and giving it a try!



    Chris Kramer

    FOCS Co-Chair


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  • 3/19/20 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 3/19/2020 1:30:00 PM

    Dear Cornwall families,


    Hello after what feels like a very unsettling and unusual week!  I hope you and your families are well and are enjoying some time to slow down and adjust to this new reality (for however long it turns out to be). 


    At Cornwall School, teachers and I have met to plan for next steps and clean out the building to prepare for the disinfecting that district custodians will be doing over the next two weeks.


    Teachers have gathered up student belongings, including journals, books and binders from their cubbies, and put everything in bags with the child’s name on it.


    PLEASE NOTE: There is a change in what I communicated earlier this week regarding the process for picking up student belongings.

    We are asking families to come by the school tomorrow, Friday, between 9AM and 3PM to pick-up their child’s (children’s) belongings. Parents will not be allowed into the building unless there is something specific you need that we did not set aside already.

    Instead, please buzz at the main entrance, share your child's name, and wait while while we get the personal belongings for you. We will disinfect the buzzer each time. If these pick up times do not work for you, please call the school and we can arrange something. 


    I hope you have been able to keep up with the communication coming from the Central Office and are informed about the work we’ve been doing to set up systems and supports for families during this transition to “school at home.” The ACSD website has all of Dr. Burrows’ letters to families, as well as information from the district about the lunch program, grocery pick-up and the beginning of our Continuity of Learning plan during closure. 


    In the coming week, the school bus will be traveling its morning route, starting around 8:30, every week day. Staff and drivers will be delivering breakfast and lunch to anyone who would like it (please sign up here!), as well as dropping off school related items as needed.


    Teachers will be reaching out to connect directly with students in the coming days and into next week. This will happen either by phone, email, video chat or some other way that works best for you.


    Teachers will be providing more information about what their “school at home” plan is, what to expect in the first week or two, and how to access any additional materials needed (either electronically or by drop off).   


    The recommendation is that the playground is not used during closure. In addition, no one will be allowed to go into the school starting Monday the 23rd except for administration and custodians. 


    Thank you for your continued involvement and support of our efforts to bring calm, coordination, and clarity to this situation. We will continue to be in touch in the coming days. 


    Thinking of all of you, and stay well!



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  • 3/13/2020 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 3/13/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Hello Cornwall families,


    This past week has definitely been a time of unecertainty as the district and communities navigate through lots and lots of information. In this newsletter, I hope to clarify a little bit where information can be found, but please also know that you can always contact the school with any questions.


    Superintendant Burrows will be sending out regular updates regarding COVID-19. You may access the COVID-19  updates through this link. The updates are also linked on Cornwall’s website under “News and Announcements.” Once you click on the link, if you scroll down, you will see each of Superintendent Burrows’ communications on the left-hand side. 


    At school, teachers have been talking with students about how our job is to be cautious about spreading germs by keeping fingers out of our eyes, mouths, and noses, by washing hands OFTEN during the school day for at least 20 seconds with lots of soap and water, by coughing/sneezing into our elbows, and by not coming to school if we feel sick. In conversations with parents, you have expressed that you have been sharing these same messages at home.


    Earlier this week, at the ACSD Facilities Committee presentation to the school board on Tuesday night, an architect from TrueXCullins presented a short list of options around long-range facilities master planning. Their presentation was completed as result of a thorough examination of the seven elementary schools in ACSD and the potential costs and benefits of potentially consolidating students. They looked at it solely from a buildings and maintenance standpoint. Operational and educational impacts will also be considered in the next months. You may access more information on the facilities update including  written information and video through both Cornwall’s website and the district website.


    There is a lot to digest, and that will continue to be the case. Please continue to look for the updates from Superintendent Burrows and, as mentioned above, please let us know if you have any questions.





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  • 2/28/2020 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 2/28/2020 3:00:00 PM

    Hello, Cornwall Families!


    Today, fifth graders participated in the Youth Citizen Summit on the Middlebury College Campus. They joined other fifth and some sixth graders from other ACSD elementary schools to focus on the IB unit,” How We Organize Ourselves.” The Summit emphasized learning about human rights and how governments can deny or promote them. Students attended workshops of their choice, participated in activities facilitated by Middlebury College students during the mid-day Global Expo, listened to keynote speaker, Kathryn Blume, and ended the day enjoying a performance by Clint Bierman and Peter Day (from the band The Grift). It was an exciting, action packed day full of energy, open-mindedness, and curiosity.


    Also this week, kindergarten was assisted by their 6th grade buddies in a fun engineering challenge. They had a great time planning and building a tower that would support the weight of a cup of pennies. Engineering is a part of the science curriculum, and having the 6th grade students model how to go about an activity like this one is very valuable. Students all practiced being good communicators who participate in conversations and listen to others and their ideas. They were open-minded to the ideas of others, and they worked to be learners who are thinkers and use information that they know to creatively solve problems. To conclude, they reflected on their work through the whole process to figure out what could have been done differently in order to successfully complete the challenge.


    On Monday, March 2, the Town Meeting is scheduled at 6:30pm at Cornwall School. FOCS hosts a dinner before the Town Meeting each year. The annual event is a fundraiser for FOCS to support the children of Cornwall School. It is a wonderful community event that allows neighbors and friends to sit together and share a meal. The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children, and to-go meals are available. Please see the flyer for more information. Town Meeting begins at 6:30, immediately after the dinner.


    Please return forms for the Cookie Love fundraiser by 3/5/20 (and please note the change in date. It is earlier!) Forms were sent home in the Friday folder on February 14. If you need another form, please ask Laurie or you may access an order form here.


    I also just learned that some our students on the the U12 hockey team and the U10 hockey team will be participating in the hockey state championships this weekend! Congratulations to the teams!


    Next week’s newsletter will have some information about the upcoming IB Authorization visit - stay tuned!


    Upcoming Events/Reminders


    3/2/2020, 5:00pm FOCS dinner at Cornwall School before Town Meeting


    3/2/2020, 6:30pm Town Meeting, held at Cornwall School


    3/3/2020, 8-9am FOCS meeting, in the Spanish/Art room


    3/4/2020, 1:05pm EARLY RELEASE, school dismisses at 1:05pm 


    3/5/2020 Skiing at Rikert


    3/6/2020 NO SCHOOL, professional development day





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  • 2/14/2020 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 2/14/2020 3:05:00 PM

    Hello, Cornwall Families!


    The end of this week has been full of community building activities. The 6th graders participated in the Sustainability Expo at Mary Hogan where they presented as experts in their chosen field, displaying their research and communicating their proposed solutions on global issues.  We had a fun, snow-filled day of skiing at Rikert, and kindergarten led us in a celebration of the 100th day of school!


    Please see this message from Ian Ross, FOCS Treasurer-

    Hello Cornwall Families,

            As many of you may already know, the Friends of Cornwall School hosts a dinner before the Town Meeting each year.  This is one of our primary fund raisers each year. To continue to make this annual event a success, we could use your help. This year Town Meeting will be on Monday, March 2nd.

    Thank you!

    Please see the message Ian sent out via email to see what help is needed or you may also email Ian at addison.department.store@gmail.com to volunteer. Thank you!


    A quick reminder:  Please, if you come to school to pick up your child early, be sure to come to the office to sign them out.  To minimize classroom disruptions, a school staff member will go get your child from the classroom. Thank you!


    We hope everybody has a wonderful break, and we look forward to seeing you again on February 24. 

    After the list of important dates below, please enjoy the rest of this newsletter in the form of pictures from this week.


    Upcoming Events/Reminders

    2/17-2/21/2020 NO SCHOOL, February break

    2/27/2020 Skiing at Rikert

    3/2/2020 Town Meeting at Cornwall School

    3/5/2020 Skiing at Rikert (to make up for the day missed because of the snow day)























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  • 2/7/20 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 2/7/2020

    Hello, Cornwall Families!


    I hope everyone has been safe and also able to enjoy these two snow days. As I write this, I am looking at giant flakes of snow falling, which is beautiful but vision is definitely limited! 


    Please look for some schedule updates/changes as a result of the snow days. I checked in with Ms. Carra, for example, regarding the ski day at Rikert which we missed on Thursday. Unfortunately, Rikert does not reschedule. The good news is that we have two other dates scheduled already, on Feb. 13 and on Feb. 27 so there will still be the opportunity for some skiing! 


    In addition, the band concert has been moved to Feb. 11. It will follow the same schedule with Cornwall, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham & Weybridge elementary schools performing, and call time at 6:30pm. However, please note that the location has changed, and the concert will be held at Salisbury Elementary School.


    Similarly, if you had meetings or other events scheduled, please look for communication regarding rescheduling or please reach out to the appropriate teacher/coordinator if you have any questions.


    On Monday, February 10, Cornwall School is hosting the Board meeting beginning at 6:30pm. 6th grade students will present a project they have been working on for the upcoming Sustainability Expo  to the Board at the beginning of the meeting. All are welcome to attend for the student presentation, which will be at the beginning, and for the whole meeting as well. FOCS has also arranged for some Board members to arrive before the meeting and be available to talk beginning at 6:00pm for those who are interested.


    FOCS has also been working on setting up an after school program for students through MALT (Middlebury Area Land Trust). More information will follow!


    Please see the attached flyer for information about a community meeting for the Quality Youth Development (QYD) Project on Monday, Feb. 10 at 5pm. QYD aims to inspire, support, and engage local youth to help create a more teen friendly community. 


    Upcoming Events/Reminders

    2/10/20 5:00pm Quality Youth Development Project community meeting, Ilsley basement room


    2/10/20 6:30pm School Board meeting held at Cornwall School


    2/11/20  7:00pm Band concert snow date!  


    2/13/20 Skiing at Rikert


    2/17-2/21/20 NO SCHOOL, February break


    2/27/20 Skiing at Rikert




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  • Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 1/31/2020

    Hello, Cornwall Families!


    Teachers have been working hard the last few weeks to write thoughtful narratives to communicate how students are doing in each subject area. The completed progress reports are included in today’s Friday folders, so please take look for them!


    Earlier this week on Monday morning, in collaboration with Middlebury College, four students from Middlebury College’s Education Studies program came to the 2nd grade classroom to lead arts integrated lessons as part of their winter term course Children and the Arts. The college students helped the second graders explore difficult themes and complex vocabulary using movement, voice, and imaginative activities.


    During All School Meeting this week, while in their multi-age groups, students talked about the IB Learner Profile Attribute of reflection and what it means to them. Some of their thoughts include that reflection is:   “looking back on something wondering how you can improve,” “stepping into another’s shoes,” “a self check-in,” “thinking about learning  and trying to do better” and that “you can reflect on positive and negative moments.” Students learn to reflect as part of their daily work in classes, both in their IB transdisciplinary work and as part of the regular course of the day, and that shows in how easily they are able to talk with each other about what it means.


    After auditioning with over 300 other students from around the state in the Fall, 5 Cornwall students were selected to participate in the Green Mountain District Festival. Congratulations to Cooper, Lucy, Erin, Maya, and Lia for all of their hard work! The District Festival is scheduled for Friday, February 7 at Fair Haven High School. Students will be rehearsing throughout the day and performing at 7pm. There is a small entrance fee, but all are welcome to attend!

    Please note that because of the District Festival performance, there will be no Show Choir after school on Friday, February 7.


    Upcoming Events/Reminders


    1/31/20 Progress reports go home in Friday folders


    2/4/20 8-9:30am FOCS meeting in the Art room. All are welcome.


    2/4/20  5-6:30pm Act One Information Session with Q&A for 5th and 6th grade families and students. An invitation was sent home with students and also electronically.


    2/5/20 Early Release Day. Students dismissed at 1:05.


    2/6/20 Skiing at Rikert


    2/6/20  7:00pm Band concert -Cornwall, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham & Weybridge elementary schools performing. Call time is 6:30pm.


    2/7/20 No show chorus because Ms. Gratton will be at districts.


    2/10/20 6:30pm School Board meeting held at Cornwall School. 6th grade students will present a project they have been working on in class to the Board. All are welcome to attend (for the student presentation, which will be at the beginning, and for the whole meeting as well).


    2/13/20 Skiing at Rikert


    2/17-2/21/20 NO SCHOOL, February break




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  • Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 1/25/2020

    Hello, Cornwall Families!


    My apologies in getting the newsletter posted late this week. I have been out sick, and there have been many students and staff sick as well, which makes this message from the school nurse very fitting. Please read it over and contact Nurse Gina if you have any questions.




    Throughout the school day children come to the health office with a variety of physical complaints. We will do a brief assessment to determine the validity and extent of the problem. Parents will be notified by phone or health office note of any complaint or problem that is deemed significant. If the child has a fever of 100 or greater, is actively vomiting, or is otherwise determined to be too ill to be in school, we will contact you or your emergency contact and ask you to take your child home. No child will be sent home without first talking to an adult who will assume responsibility for the child. 


    In an effort to keep the spread of contagious illnesses to a minimum, we ask that children who have the following symptoms remain at home for 24 hours after symptoms subside, without the aid of fever reducing medications, such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen:



    • Temperature of 100 or higher 
    • Vomiting, or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
    • Persistent loose cough
    • Unusual skin rashes
    • Flu type symptoms (muscle aches, headache, sore throat)
    • Red eyes with drainage
    • Less than 24 hours on prescribed antibiotics



    Please call the school nurse if you are not sure if your child is well enough to come to school. It is the nurse’s goal to keep children in the classroom as much as possible while maintaining the overall health of the entire student body and staff. The nurse will help determine if the symptoms your child is experiencing are contagious.  

    Upcoming Events/Reminders

    1/27/20, 6-8pm    Facilities Master Plan Elementary School Study Community Presentation at MUHS. 

    1/31/20  Progress reports go home

    2/5/20    Early Release Day. Students dismissed at 1:05.

    2/6/20    Skiing at Rikert, more information to follow.

    2/6/20, 7:00pm     Band concert - Cornwall, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham & Weybridge elementary schools performing. Call time is 6:30pm.




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