• 1/22/21 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 1/22/2021 1:00:00 PM

    Hello Cornwall Families,

    There’s a lot of information here for a short week! Keep reading to see what is happening in and out of classrooms as well as information on a free concert with Anais Mitchell and on meal kits.


    Student Happenings- Inquirers

    Kindergarten inquirers have been fascinated with learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr! They have asked some thoughtful questions and engaged in conversations as a class that show how deeply they have been thinking about this important man from history. They requested more books and asked for videos during lunch in order to learn more about him!




    These portraits were made through directed painting where they practiced listening and following directions!


    In first grade, the class discussed how interesting and important vocabulary in books can lead us to ask great questions. In their reading of Roxaboxen, Delfina and Dorothy noticed the word “pottery” and this observation led to an inquiry of why pottery and glass would be found in the deserts of Arizona.

    Words matter and these observant readers helped their classmates to increase their engagement by noticing words, thinking about them and asking questions. 

    In addition, first graders have been making appointments and meeting with teachers and staff members around the school as part of their creation of a community magazine. Their goal is to help connect their parents with the teachers at school who they don't get to see or speak to in person this year.

    Please ask your first grade inquirer about community. For example, “We are all part of a school community at Cornwall. What other communities are you a part of?”


    Check out this video of the first graders dancing and showing they are BRAVE!


    Second grade has been working on a Pencil Challenge as part of the Sharing the Planet unit. For this challenge, the class is treating the pencil as a finite resource, and students only get one pencil during this unit. Students generated ways to take care of their pencils, what to do/how to help others if someone loses their pencil, and class rules around the pencils. The class and teacher do frequent check-ins on how they are doing caring for the pencil and they have also talked about other resources. 


    This week 3rd and 4th graders went on a snowshoeing expedition here at school to look for some animal tracks. They connected that activity to their IB unit and the line of inquiry "Models help us describe patterns and make predictions." Tracking guides helped students to identify patterns in animal tracks so they could predict what animals are around and what the animals have been doing. We found a surprising variety of tracks! Ask your children what animals were found, and if they were "hoppers" or "straight walkers" or "bounders." Maybe you could see what animals are around your house and use some tracking guides to identify them! They MAY have found bobcat tracks... What do you think? (See picture)



    3rd and 4th grade students have also been learning about how poets use patterns to create rhythms and moods in their poetry, and have been trying their hand at using poetic devices like rhyme, repetition, alliteration and onomatopoeia in their own poems. To complement this work, Ms. K has been teaching students to use Noteflight, an online music writing program. Students are composing using standard music notation and are discovering how using notes of different pitch and duration change the feel of their compositions.


    Here are some questions you can ask your 3rd or 4th grader-

    What have you learned about Langston Hughes' life and poetry? 

    Show me what you've created on Noteflight!


    Fifth grade students are finishing up their “How We Express Ourselves” Unit. They participated in a virtual webinar hosted by U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and a NASA administrator and Astronaut Zena Cardman. Students are putting the finishing touches on their Planet Projects which they will present in class next week.




    They have also been watching TedTalks and speeches given by famous orators (from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Poet Amanda Gorman and many others). Students have been thinking about how they express themselves through identifying their attributes, working on a collage of their outlined bodies (hanging on the bulletin boards at school) and their final assignment will be writing an essay on a person they admire and who inspires them.


    Students in sixth grade have each chosen a geological process that has helped to shape landforms on the earth.  They are researching the processes and will create a model to show and demonstrate how the force has changed the landscape.  

    Students in the sixth grade are also learning about fractions and fraction operations.  They have been most recently working on division of fractions and have been using diagrams to help solve these problems. Many students in the class are eager to create an algorithm and are testing strategies to make solving these types of problems more efficient. 

    The class is also working on writing argumentative essays.  The students have each chosen topic and are persuading their audience to see or understand something from another perspective. The students are including counter arguments in their essays which address the possible objections.

    Lastly, the class is reading a literature book titled A Single Shard.  The students are carefully analyzing the story and preparing themselves for chapter book discussions.  In the discussions they share everything from personal connections, meaningful passages,  new vocabulary and they even develop questions to elicit responses from their classmates.  

    Parents, ask your 6th grader about which geological process they have chosen to explore. You could also ask about  techniques used to solve fraction operations or about their strongest argument or about their favorite character from A Single Shard!

    For more photos

    Please also see the Photos of the Week section of Cornwall’s website.

    New photos will be added each week, so be sure to check them out often!


    Free Concert, Anais Mitchell 

    The Ok. You’ve Got This campaign has partnered with the Middlebury Community Music Center to offer a free virtual concert featuring Grammy winning Anais Mitchell on Friday, February 12th called Our Winter Table. Anais will be pre-recording three sets of songs of love and connection. Participants also have the option to purchase dinner from local restaurants to enjoy during the show and to make donations to support music education and food security in Addison County. You can view the details and find the link to register here.

     Please see the flyer as well - Our Winter Table


    Meal Kits

    Dear ACSD Families,

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the meal kits program over winter break.  We distributed 500 meal kits to families in our ACSD community and are grateful to be able to offer this nourishment to all our families this year.  It took many hands for us to provide these meals kits, and we would like to express our gratitude to Middlebury Parks and Recreation Department for allowing us to use their space and for helping organize the meal kit assembly.  We would also like to thank district staff, The Abbey Group, and over 50 volunteers who helped pack meal kit items over three days and transport the kits to schools in time for dismissal.  

    ACSD will be distributing meal kits for February break on February 12th. 

    Please watch for the sign-ups, they will be sent out on Wednesday, January 27th and will be open for one week. 

    All families are eligible to sign up to receive a free meal kit.  If you happen to know a family with children (birth to 18 years old) who might not see the sign-ups, please share this information with them. 

    Laura LaVacca, ACSD Food Service Director

    Erika Garner, ACSD Community Coordinator


    Have a great weekend!


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  • 1/15/21 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 1/15/2021 1:00:00 PM



    Hello Cornwall Families,


    Today’s newsletter is just about students! Well, almost. First, I’d like to remind families that there is no school on Monday, January 18 because it is Martin Luther King Day, and there is also no school on Tuesday, January 19 as it is a teacher work day.


    And now - 

    Recognizing Students

    We would like to recognize the following students for demonstrating the learner profile attribute balanced:


    Vonn, in first grade, is interested in acquiring knowledge in a wide range of subject areas including geography, animal science, engineering, sports... The list goes on! In addition to seeking out new learning, he also goes out of his way to help other students access their own learning. In the first grade classroom, Vonn can often be found listening to a friend read or helping a student sign into his/her computer. He is an excellent example of a balanced student. 

    In sixth grade, Raphael, on his own accord, has begun to take on the role of collecting the breakfast orders in the classroom each morning.  This task demonstrates his awareness of his interdependence with other people. He also balances work with fun.


    Thea works hard with all of her pursuits and understands what it means to care for her own well-being and those around her.  

    Please also see the Photos of the Week section of Cornwall’s website to see photos of students in multiple grades finding balance in reading, in working and learning together, and in playing.

    New photos will be added each week, so be sure to check them out often!


    Important Dates

    1/18/21 No School, Martin Luther King Day

    1/19/21 No School, Teacher Professional Development Day

    2/5/21 Progress Reports go home

    Have a great weekend!


    Stay safe,


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  • 1/8/2021

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 1/8/2021 1:00:00 PM

    Dear Cornwall Families,


    Happy New Year! Welcome back to students and families, and we hope you had a good break. Students have jumped back into learning in both the classroom and outdoors. Students have been exploring the spaces near the outdoor classroom and using the fields and our tents for PE, circle time and some class activities.


    A message from the nurses



    Week of 1/4/2021




    We hope you all had a restful holiday break.  Now that we are back to school there are a few things we want to remind everyone about.


    • Students will continue to have their temperature taken prior to entering their schools
    • Visitor access is still restricted at this time
    • Hand hygiene, facial coverings and social distancing guidelines remain in place
    • Nurses will still use the state algorithm  COVID-19 in Pediatric Patients: Triage, Evaluation, Testing and Return to School to determine if students can remain in school as well as to determine return to school dates after they have experienced symptoms of illness


    Fever of 100.4 or higher


    Shortness of breath

    Sore throat

    Runny nose

    Lack of taste or smell



    Fatigue - outside of normal


    Muscles aches



    Please make sure your children have extra facial coverings in their backpacks.  With the colder weather masks are becoming wet and needing to be changed more often. 


    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out.  


    Nurse Eva & Nurse Gina

    emcdonough@acsdvt.org     gciancia@acsdvt.org 


    Recognizing Students

    Please see the Photos of the Week section of Cornwall’s website to see photos of students demonstrating the Learner Profile, knowledgeableStudents in all grades have been exploring ideas, seeking deeper understanding, and practicing what they have been learning.


    Photos of the Week

    New photos will be added each week, so be sure to check them out often!


    Important Dates

    1/18/21 No School, Martin Luther King Day

    1/19/21 No School, Teacher Professional Development Day

    2/5/21 Progress Reports go home




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  • 12/18/20 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 12/18/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Dear Cornwall families,


    I love when nature provides us with a winter wonderland! I hope you and your children enjoyed the day, whether by playing outside or by enjoying the view from inside. Earlier today, I shared a newsletter from the rural school nurses. They are planning to share one weekly with with both staff and with families, so please look for another next week.


    Learning and Playing


    First graders playing a game at recess



    A prototype of safety goggles











    Second graders practicing the "long jump" as we work to understand taking hops on the number line. Can you tell who is jumping?









    Fifth graders getting ready for PE amd learning the ukulele in Music 


    Gifts for Giving










    Learner Profile Attributes

    Students and teachers have recently been focusing on the learner profile attributes of being inquirers and communicators. We would like to recognize the following students for demonstrating one or both of these attributes this past week:


    Kindergarteners practiced being both communicators and inquirers during an impromptu discussion about what types of things you might talk about when you tell someone about “who you are”.


    Third graders were have been serious inquirers this week as they worked to find as many ways as possible to solve subtraction problems. 







    In 6th grade, Mr. Hirsch pointed out that Ezra and Max have demonstrated being an inquirer and Noah has demonstrated being a communicator. Max chose to go beyond the required expectations on a recent inquiry project. His research allowed him to thoughtfully express his discoveries. Ezra regularly shows his curiosity by going deeper or looking for more information about topics of study. Noah works well with others and collaborates skillfully when he works in small groups. He is very articulate when sharing his ideas and is open to new perspectives.


    I also think it's important to note that I have witnessed examples - in all classes!- of caring, open-mindedness, courage, and being principled this past week! 


    Meal Kits and Christmas Day dinner

    Winter Break meal kits will be distributed on Tuesday, 12/22 during dismissal and also from 4pm-6pm at the high school.


    On Christmas Day, Charter House will be providing takeout meals from 3 - 3:30 at the Congregational Church in Middlebury. There will be a big Christmas dinner with homemade pies. Swift House is cooking the meal and Charter House is providing the pies and some small gifts.


    Important Dates

    12/22/20 Meal Kit distribution at Cornwall at dismissal and at MUHS from 4pm-6pm

    12/23/20-1/1/21 Winter break




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  • 12/11/20 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 12/11/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Hello Cornwall Families,


    Thank you for partnering with the school and community and doing everything you can to help keep schools open. We value our time together, not only for academic but also for social health reasons. Please see below for a sampling of some learning and fun - often at the same time - that has been happening together this week.


    Marble Jar Celebration

    Second graders earned their marble jar celebration this week. They earn marbles by following the expectations as a class, and they earned their final two with Ms. Morrison after working to meet her goal to follow directions, look, and listen since during PE. Their celebration included pj’s, stuffies, and a movie!


    Recognizing Students

    Students and teachers have recently been focusing on the learner profile attributes of being caring and balanced. We would like to recognize the following students for demonstrating one or both of these attributes this past week:


    Many kindergarteners showed both attributes while playing and learning outside this week. Take a look at how they are helping each other and how they are learning through play -









    In 6th grade, we'd like to recognize Jase and Maggie for being balanced and Jason, Jordyn, and Kate for being caring.


    Jase and Maggie are aware of their needs and those of their classmates. They are always pushing themselves to do their best in and out of the classroom.  They maximize learning time and understand the flow of the day and model smooth transitions between learning activities.


    Jason, Jordyn, and Kate regularly check in with their peers and look after their classmates.  They are respectful to everyone in the building and always have a positive attitude. They each demonstrate understanding, compassion and empathy on a regular basis. 








    Ms Johnson also noted the following students as being BOTH caring and balanced!

    1st - Vonn

    2nd - Addie & Sam

    3rd - Gavin & Posie

    4th - Cheyenne 

    5th - Henry & Jackson


    Gifts for Giving

    Gifts for Giving activities have begun and will continue into next week. Here are a few photos and I’m sure we’ll have more in the next newsletter as well. Thank you to FOCS for supplying the activities and materials for all students!












    Meal Kit Sign Ups

    During the winter break, ACSD is once again able to provide FREE meal kits for children ages 18 and younger. Each meal kit contains food for multiple days for one child and includes proteins, grains, vegetables, fruit, and milk.

    Sign up Here between now and Sunday, December 13.

    Curb side pick up will take place on Tuesday, December 22 during dismissal at Cornwall OR at MUHS from 4pm-6pm.

    Please contact Laura LaVacca for more information, llavacca@acsdvt.org.


    Volunteers Needed - Meal Kits

    We are looking for volunteers to help package and sort food items, fold boxes, pack meal kits, drive meal kits to elementary schools, and distribute meal kits on December 18, 20, 21, and 22.  


    Here is the the link to the volunteer sign up form: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508054cada82ba1ff2-volunteers1


    Important Dates

    12/13/20 Sign up for Meal Kits by Sunday, 12/13

    10/22/20 Meal Kit distribution at Cornwall at dismissal and at MUHS from 4pm-6pm

    12/23/20-1/1/21 Winter break




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  • 12/4/2020 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 12/4/2020 1:00:00 PM



    Hello Cornwall families,


    The last several newsletters have focused on logistics and information. Please look for Superintendent Burrows’ message today and each Friday for updated information. As you have seen, I will also sometimes send stand-alone informational messages during the week.


    The main focus of today’s newsletter will be our students, learning, and in-school activities. There is also some information about meal kits over the winter break.


    Gifts for Giving

    Friends of Cornwall School (FOCS) has planned a variation of Gifts for Giving so that students and teachers can continue the annual tradition in a way that is both streamlined and flexible. Thank you, FOCS!

    Students will have the opportunity to make crafts throughout next week, beginning December 7. Some crafts might continue into the following week, depending on the schedules of the class.

    IB Learner Profile Attributes and Students!

    Two of the IB Learner Profile Attributes that students and teachers have recently been focusing on include being open-minded and being a thinker. We would like to recognize the following students for demonstrating one or both of these attributes this past week:


    In first grade, Delfina and Dorothy were wonderful thinkers this week! They both used the inference strategy to push our classes’ thinking as we discussed “Lemonade in Winter”. They helped us arrive at the conclusion that in many communities, people take care of each other and each others’ children even when they aren’t in the same family. 


    In fifth grade, Adeline and Marley are two learners who continually demonstrate being open-minded, flexible learners. They have shown appreciation for other cultures throughout our "Sharing the Planet" unit and they have volunteered many times to switch seats with a classmate who needed a seat change. 




    In sixth grade, Thea has demonstrated using critical and creative thinking skills and Raphael has demonstrated being open minded, seeking the points of view of others. 








    Class Highlight - Interview with Senator Hardy

    We also wanted to highlight the 3rd and 4th grade for the learning they have been engaged with. As part of their IB unit, “How We Organize Ourselves,” they are looking into how people create rules to create responsibilities, protect freedoms, and keep each other safe.

    This week they participated in a Zoom interview with Senator Ruth Hardy and were able to ask questions and learn about how a bill becomes a law. Students asked relevant, interesting questions, and Senator Hardy said she enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with them!






    We would like to introduce Amber Power who has joined the Cornwall community as a paraprofessional. Amber writes,

    Hi! My name is Amber Power and I live in Middlebury with my three children. Daniel (10), Nicola (8) and Blake (5). I have been working with children for many years. It’s definitely my passion. I have been with ACSD for 4 years and absolutely love it. I enjoy working with children and helping them in any way that I can.  I love to dance, and I took dance for 18 years including Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Lyrical. I also taught dance for a couple years. My favorite place to be is at the ocean with my children. One interesting fact about me is that I am 1 of 11 children in my family. I look forward to and am very excited about being part of the Cornwall School community and getting to know all the kids and families.


    Holiday Meal Kits

    ACSD will be distributing free meal kits for kids again for the winter break.  Please be on the lookout for an email with the link to the sign up form early next week.  We will also post the link on school websites.  

    The sign up will have opportunities to pick up at a variety of times and locations regardless of where children are enrolled or residence.  All children 18 and under are eligible to receive these meals and we have enough for everyone.  

    We ask folks to sign up by Sunday, December 13 so that we are sure to have enough for all those who are interested.  This is a federally funded program and your participation in this helps our meal programs in a variety of ways.


    Important Dates

    12/7/20 Gifts for Giving activities start

    12/23/20-1/1/21 Winter break




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  • 11/20/20 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 11/20/2020

    Hello Cornwall Families,


    Today’s newsletter will be super short.



    Mr. Hirsch asked me to share this flyer regarding Wreath orders.  Wreath orders are due shortly after the break, so if you are interested, please get them in!


    Substitute Teachers

    Cornwall School and ACSD are in need of substitute teachers. If you are interested in substituting, please contact Gail Leach at gleach@acsdvt.org.


    We wish you all a happy break! 

    Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving!





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  • 11/13/20 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 11/13/2020 10:00:00 AM

    Hello Cornwall Families,


    In talking with students, staff, and some families, I have heard people say that the school year is flying by, AND that it feels like it should be April by now, AND that it feels like the year keeps starting over. To be honest, I have had each of those thoughts since school started again in September. As has been said before, this year is like no other. 


    In a year that feels like “no other”, it feels even more important to express gratitude. We are truly grateful for so many things: that our students have the option to attend school fully in-person; that we have a community mindset and look out for each other, help each other, and care for each other; that we have had a fabulously beautiful fall season; that we are able to spend more time outside; that parents have supported the school while navigating how to balance and support their families and themselves; that breakfast and lunch is free for all children age 0-18; that we are all trying to maintain connections AND to follow the health and safety guidelines. There are truly so many things to be thankful for!


    Please see below for information on Toddle overview sessions, travel, Thanksgiving break meal kits, safety, and important dates.


    Toddle Overview Sessions (a message from Mark Monaghan)

    Dear families,


    Many of you will already be familiar with Toddle from your children using it in the hybrid system and in our current context.  However, we want to ensure that we support you further with your understanding of Toddle, so you are able to support your children effectively in their learning.


    We are offering three opportunities to receive a short overview of the Toddle platform and its core functionality from the student's perspective. 


    Simply click on the relevant link below a few minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting and, if prompted, use the password: 2aQ6mn


    The next workshops will be offered via zoom on:

    Tuesday, November 17th at 4:00pm Click here 

    Wednesday, November 18th 8:00am Click here 


    In the sessions, Mark Monaghan (the District Ed Tech Coach) will explain what Toddle is, how students log on and what students see on the platform and future plans for Toddle over the next year.


    If you are unable to attend these trainings, but would like to watch helpful video tutorials, they can be found here:



    In addition, if you require technical assistance or more personalised support please contact Mark Monaghan at mmonaghan@acsdvt.org who will do his best to accommodate and support your specific requests/needs.



    The State of Vermont has suspended its leisure travel map and implemented a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning or traveling to Vermont. If you have any questions about quarantining, please feel free to contact our school nurse at gciancia@acsdvt.org. 


    Thanksgiving Break Meal Kit Orders - Free for children 18 and under

    ACSD is offering free school meal kits for children 18 and under for Thanksgiving break.  We are asking families to sign up by November 16th so that we can order the appropriate amount of food.  Each vacation meal kit will have ingredients to make breakfasts and lunches for the week.


    Cornwall families have two options-  

    1. Families can sign up to attend a curbside pickup at one of four locations in Addison County on November 20th or 23rd by filling out the Free Meal Kit Order Form.  (If you need help with this step, please call Laurie at 462-2463.)


    2. The ACSD Community Partnership Council has offered to organize volunteers to deliver meals kits to Cornwall Elementary School on Friday, November 20th and distribute them during dismissal. To sign up for this option, you will need to do the following:


    • Fill out the Free Meal Kit Order Form and select "Weybridge Elementary School" as the pick up location.  If you need help with this step, please call Laurie at 462-2463.
    • Let Laurie know that you would like to have your meal kit(s) delivered to Cornwall Elementary School and the number of kits you ordered by either calling the school at 462-2463 or sending her an email at lballantine@acsdvt.org.


    If you would like to volunteer to help the meal kit distribution on November 20th, please sign up using SignUpGenius.



    We are in the process of planning for some changes to the Arrival and Dismissal processes to improve safety in the parking lot. I will send out information and update the 2020-2021 Returning to Cornwall School document as those changes are put in place.



    Important Dates

    11/16                Deadline to sign up for meal kits

    11/20                Meal kit distribution at dismissal

    11/23-11/27      No school. Thanksgiving break.  Please refer to the Vermont Department of Health’s COVID-19 travel site to get information on taking appropriate steps when planning for travel or receiving guests from out of state. 

    12/2/20             Picture retakes


    In gratitude,


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  • 11/6/20 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 11/6/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Hello Cornwall families,


    This week's newsletter starts with a couple Health and Safety reminders/updates, and the rest is photos from the week - Harvest Fest and snow! Enjoy!


    Health and Safety



    The updated Safe Healthy Start guidance dictates that even in cold weather, at least two windows in the front of the bus and two windows in the back of the bus must remain at least partially open.  Please make sure your child dresses warmly!


    Returning to school after being out sick

    Students should not return to school until parents have consulted with the Nurse Gina. One of our goals is to keep COVID-19 from entering our school buildings and we need your help in following the guidelines to accomplish this! See the ACSD COVID-19 Action Guide for more information.

    Thank you!


    And now, for the photos! I have to confess that the photos do not always upload properly, and nobody I have asked who works with the website has been able to figure out how to correct them. When a photo uploads sideways, I usually end up leaving it out. This time, I decided to include many of them anway, and I am hoping you will still be able to enjoy them!































    Have a great weekend, and enjoy this warm weather!



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  • 10/30/20 Cornwall News

    Posted by Heather Raabe on 10/30/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Hello Cornwall families,


    Please see below for some updates -


    Weather and Clothing

    As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, students will continue to go outside each day for recess, PE, mask breaks, and to do some learning in tents or on campus. 


    • Please send in an extra set of clothes for your child to keep at school.  Students of all ages may need a change after a soggy recess or lunchtime spill.  It is also helpful for students to have extra layers to wear as needed.


    • Students should have both indoor and outdoor footwear.  This allows them to get one pair wet/muddy and still have a dry pair for inside. It is helpful if students have an extra pair of socks as well.


    • Please contact Nurse Gina if you have any questions about clothing.



    VT Department of Health

    Please take a minute or two to watch the Vermont Department of Health's new video, "How Contact Tracing Slows the Spread of COVID-19,"


    This brief video (1 minute, 42 seconds) is to help educate people about how contact tracing works, why it’s an important tool to slow the spread of COVID-19, and to encourage people to answer the call if they are called by a contact tracer. The video can be helpful for people of all ages; it uses a friendly, animated style and easy-to-understand language and visuals.


    The video describes the concept of contact tracing and the process, which is helpful to be familiar with in the event of testing positive for COVID-19, or if you are identified as a close contact to a case. The video also explains that calls from a contract tracer always come from a live person, and are never a computer-generated voice or robot, and that a contact tracer will never ask about financial information. It also shows the phone number that will show up if you get a call. This is to help people understand what is a legitimate call from a contact tracer.



    Teachers and Staff

    As mentioned in a prior newsletter, Mindy Harvey will return half-time beginning November 9. She will start by teaching 3rd grade in the mornings. When she is able to return full-time, she will continue to teach 3rd grade in the mornings, and she will take on the role of interventionist in the afternoons. Mindy will continue to collaborate with Will Chapman-Hale around transdisciplinary units for grades 3 and 4. I’d like to thank Will and Sue and Don for for working together to teach 3rd and 4th grade and for working to build a strong classroom community.


    Nick Cantrick spoke with classes yesterday to let them know that he has taken a new position. Nick has  become an integral part of our Cornwall community, and we wish him the best!


    Harvest Fest/Week

    FOCS (Friends of Cornwall School) has provided Harvest Fest activities which teachers will lead with students throughout the week next week. Thank you to FOCS for putting the effort in to carry on with the tradition of Harvest Fest, providing a bit of normalcy and ways for teachers and staff to celebrate with the students. I am hoping to fill next week’s newsletter with photos of the activities and celebrations!



    Cornwall School Merchandise

    FOCS wants to remind you that the following items are available to purchase:

    Cookbooks $12

    EURO Stickers $3

    Magnets $5


    They are available at the town office any time it’s open. They can also be purchased through Ian Ross at

    addison.department.store@gmail.com or Melissa Mitchell at thisbetterbeimportant8@gmail.com

    They could make great small holiday gifts or just be a nice way to show your school and community spirit!


    Important Dates

    11/6/20           No school. Parent-Teacher Conferences

    11/23-11/27    No school. Thanksgiving break. 

    Please refer to the Vermont Department of Health’s COVID-19 travel site to get information on taking appropriate steps when planning for travel or receiving guests from out of state. 

    12/2/20          Picture retakes


    Wishing you a great weekend!



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