• Parent Letter, October 2016

    Posted by Brandi Corbett on 10/5/2016

    October 5, 2016

    Dear E8 Families,


    Wow!  What a great start we’re off to this year!  The kids have matured so much and I’m continually impressed by their dedication, excitement, and kindness towards each other.  We’re working a lot on continuing to be respectful and productive students.  I hope your lives had settled and found new routines to match the school year.


    We’ve been very busy so far this year.  The students also have more opportunities outside of the classroom this year.  The Spanish class twice a week is already prompting Spanish being spoken in class.  Students are now able to take both Chorus and Band each week too.  


    In writing, we just completed a Memoir unit.  The students worked on writing and developing a story that focused on a time in their lives that they learned a lesson and became a better person.  Some of the stories are impressive!  (I have these and will share them during conferences, but some have them on their Google Docs and can show you.)   


    In reading, we’ve already completed a short unit about what it means to be a reader and how to “Read Yourself AWAKE.”  Now we’re in the midst of studying how to read a biography.  Each student was required to read a biography and report on the challenges and accomplishments of that person.  We’re continuing to study what makes biographies so interesting and powerful.  I know that I’ve personally changed by reading some biographies.


    We’re just wrapped up a social studies section about Explorers of the Americas.  We focused on the impact to the Americas, and how both the Americas and the rest of the world were vastly affected by the exploration’s consequences.  


    Our next unit will combine reading, writing, and social studies by working in groups to investigate a question about an explorer/exploration.  They will work together to collaborate, investigate, and compile information about the explorer (written in a biography-style, just like we’ve studied in reading).  I’m very excited to see what they develop!


    In math, our first unit was about factors, multiples, and long division (I have that assessment too).  Our current unit focused on rates and ratios (comparison statements).  For example, there are 11 girls to 12 boys in our class.  


    We're venturing into a science unit to explore Earth's role in the Solar System.  It has very cool concepts and experiements!


    Final notes:

    -A goal of mine this year is to post these pieces of communication on my school’s site.

    -Thanks for your great communication...it makes my teaching more effective!



    Brandi Corbett

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