• Recycled Donations Needed for Grade 3 Instrument-Making Unit

    Posted by Sonia Kulhowvick on 2/11/2020

    Dear Families,

    As part of the Third Grade’s study of the instrument families, they will be creating their own unique instrument using recycled materials after February break.  If you have any materials you are willing to donate (old junk/clean recyclables), please send them in with your child, and have them bring them to the music room.  Items must be fully cleaned and dried before dropping them off.  Here are some ideas:


    Plastic bottles, plastic Easter eggs, old pasta/rice/popcorn kernels (you know, that stale stuff living at the back of your cupboards that you haven't had the heart to throw away??), funnels, plastic Tupperware, toilet paper/paper towel tubes, metal coffee canisters, oatmeal tubs, metal bottle caps, yogurt containers, tin cans, cereal boxes, jelly jars, tin pie plates, etc.


    I’ve put items in bold that are very useful, and usually in hot demand from students.  This list certainly isn't the limit! If you are getting rid of something that has potential to make sound, please drop it at my classroom door - I'm sure I could figure out some way to incorporate it. 


    Thank you so much!!


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