• Blackboard Web Community Manager or Schoolwires is the name of our online content management system.  Our website is made up of an organized collection of pages.  Each page contains one or more apps.  Each app does something different: the image app contains an image and the calendar app is only a calendar.  Once you are logged in to your Site Manager, you can change your page's layout and add or change the apps you are using.  

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    App Showroom - Find out what each app does and what it looks like

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    Blackboard Web Community Manager (Schoolwires) Overview

    In fulfilling our goal to enhance communication between students and staff and as a means of furthering community involvement, ACSD would like to ensure that our website is fully and consistently implemented in all locations.  As a learning community that values student success and educational innovation, ACSD wants to ensure that all members of our community can find important faculty, staff, and building information as needed. 

    To that effect, ACSD implemented the Schoolwires content management system.  Schoolwires organizes a collection of pages.  Each page contains one or more apps.  All sites should have the following pages on their website as a minimum:


    Several current high-quality photos in the Multimedia Photo Rotator app.  All Multimedia Photo Rotator app photos should be sized to 1500 pixels wide x 505 pixels tall.  (click for a tutorial)
    Here's a video tutorial for doing the same thing using Google Slides.

    News & Announcements 

    Please highlight upcoming events both here and on the school calendar.  Calendar items will not automatically appear here.  Learn more about the Headlines & Features App.  This would also be a good place to post any newsletters or principal’s notes.

    About Us:

    Our school – Mission Statement, community description

    Administration/principal page

    Food service page including current menu

    Contact Us - School's address, hours, phone and fax numbers, and a link to a Google Map showing school location

    Staff Directory

    Universal PreK

    If your school has a booster club or PTF-type organization, please include that here.

    Class Pages:

    Each teacher, media specialist, and educational support person who regularly has contact with more than one student per day should have at least one page.  Please include a photograph.  Commonly used Class Page apps (tutorial link provided):

      • An About Teacher App is a great welcome page. It makes it simple to enter the key information that students and parents want to know about you. 
      • Content App offers the flexibility off adding text, bullets, images and links. If you prefer to design your own page, a Content App would be a good choice to include on your page.
      • An Image App is an easy way to post an image of yourself, your classroom, your pet or your favorite vacation destination.
      • Photo Gallery App is the tool to use if you wish to create a gallery of photos to share more about yourself with your audience.
      • Blog App provides a platform for you to open dialogue with your audience. You can make posts and the audience can reply. Kick-off the year with a 'What I Did For Summer Vacation' post.

    Some class pages included a class calendar when they were created.  If you are not using the calendar, please deactivate it from within Site Manager by clicking on the green “active” bar next to it.  Inactive pages will not show in the site menu.

    Our District and International Baccalaureate

    These channels direct users to the ACSD website.


    Please include all school events.  You can directly add events to the calendar, import them from a spreadsheet, or connect a google calendar.  Learn more here.  

    As students, parents, and the community learn that your school’s website is a reliable clearinghouse of information, traffic will increase.  Schoolwires offers help both in the Site Manager and on their website.  If you have any questions about how to do something in Schoolwires, please submit a tech ticket for assistance.