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    Noodletools helps you organize your research paper, make digital note cards, paraphrase, and generate accurate citations in MLA 8 or APA 6. 
    Noodletools Sign in (Login with your ACSDVT Google account or access Noodletools from your Apps if logged into your acsdvt.org Google account). 
    Noodletools Express  Use Noodletools express if you want to generate citations without signing in to your Noodletools account.
    Are you wondering about how to evaluate difference sources such as a reference source, a journal article, or a website and how they are properly cited? Check out these very helpful


    Research Tool: Zotero

    Zotero  - An open source research organizer and citation generating tool. Create an account and keep all your research organized in one place.
    Zbib - Use zbib if you want to use Zotero without signing in as a quick citation generator. Zbib.org is similar to easybib because you can copy and paste websites or use ISBN numbers from books and the application will automatically generate a citation.
    Important: Even when you use a citation generator that automatically retrieves information from a website it is important to check your citation for accuracy. Automatic generators often miss important information such as author and publication date. 


    Other Research Tools

    Crossref - Use Crossref to get a DOI (Digital Object Identifier)- a static address to a digital object (instead of a website). Crossref links citations from online academic journals. 
    LucidChart - Use Lucidchart templates to organize your research such as making mind maps and outlining thinking. Sign up for the free education account for access to more free templates.


    Citation Guides and Handbooks

    Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University 
    MLA 8 Style Center (official, authorized website about the MLA style) 
    Plagiarism on Campus - resource from Shelley Errington Nicholson, doctoral student UMASS Amherst


    Last Updated Oct, 2018