How to Get Involved at Cornwall School

  • Students learn at Cornwall School in a variety of settings and ways.  Their learning and the school community is richer when we have the support and involvement of the Cornwall and wider community.  

    There are so many ways to get involved at Cornwall School to support our students and their learning.  Choose the one (or more) that work best for the amount of time you have to offer!  We have grouped these below by the amount of time each would require.  

    If you have any questions about these opportunities or have a new idea for us, please email Heather Raabe at  

    We hope you will think about what way(s) you can help extend our students' learning and support our school.  


  • Below are ways you can support Cornwall School that don't take too much time: 

    • Box Tops for Education - If you cut out the box tops on the qualified boxes, you can bring them into our main office and we will send them all in.  Last year, this brought in more than $200, which is a lot for such a little thing. Here's a list of all the products that have the box tops on them.
    • Donate to Neat Repeats to benefit Cornwall School - This is an easy way to get rid of those extra clothes you don't wear any more, that are in good condition, and benefit Cornwall School.  Just bring them in and let them know you want it to benefit us. Neat Repeats is at 3 Bakery Ln, Middlebury. Their phone number is 802.388.4488.
    • Connect us with experts - If you or you know an expert in an area, be it vexilology or the viola, let us know!
A field trip to Boston
  • If you have a bit more time, here are some ways you can enrich our students' learning: 

    • Become a 4 Winds Volunteer - You will have 5 training sessions and then with another parent teach 5 nature based education lessons to your child's class over the course of the year.  All of the materials are provided and you will learn a lot about the natural world along with your child.  For more on 4 Winds, click here.
    • Help run an afterschool, FOCS-sponsored club - Clubs in the past have ranged from a Science Club to Odyssey of the Mind, Rock Climbing to Girls on the Run.  What are you passionate about that you want to share?
Field Trip to Twig
  • These volunteer opportunities are only a little bit of your time:

    • Drive on a field trip - Let your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s) know you are willing to drive. You will need to complete some paperwork and have a background check, as required by Act 1 legislation, but we can help you with that.  You will be helping expand your child's learning!
    • Come to FOCS meetings and help with FOCS events - There are FOCS meetings once a month and events nearly each month.  They can only happen with your help.  You can be involved a little or a lot, depending on your time availability and interest.
    • Serve on a school committee - We have a Playground Committee and a Farm to School Committee.  If you are interested in being part of this work, please let Jen Kravitz know.
    • Volunteer to help in the school garden - We always need help during the summer tending the garden.  If you have a little time, please let us know. You may end up with veggies that are ripe!
Volunteering at the Community Supper