• Course Number/Title: STW 140/International Business   

    Credit: 1/2              

    Department: Business

    Teacher: Matthew Ottinger                   

    Prerequisites: None      

    Course Description: Students will leave this course with a general knowledge of the way international business works. Specifically, the course will focus on how Globalization affects everyone in Vermont.

    Essential Questions: How does the world economy affect all of us, especially young people, here in Vermont?

    Units of study (with corresponding Common Tasks, GEs, Power Standards and/or National Standards that will be assessed):

    1. Overview of the Global Economy ( International Business Standards I-A, Levels 1-4)
    2. Cultural Influences on International Business (IBS, II International Business Communications A-B)
    3. Governmental Influences on international business (IBS Environment-B, Levels 1-4)
    4. Foreign Exchange (IBS Finance-A, Currency and Exchange Levels 1-4)
    5. International Management Principals (IBS Management A-B, Levels 2-4)
    6. International Marketing (IBS International Marketing A-G all levels)
    7. Import/Export and Balance of Trade (IBS, VIII A-C all levels)


    21st Century Learning Expectations Addressed: Problem Solving, Flexibility and Adaptability, Productivity Initiative Self-Direction, Cross Cultural Skills

    Texts and/or materials: South-Western International Business

    GEs, Power Standards and/or National Standards Addressed:

    National Standards for Business Education (NBEA)

    Course Assessments (including Common Tasks) and Grading Policy (including a listing of the rubrics used to assess the Common Tasks):

    Grades are based on projects done in class that relate to each student’s knowledge on different aspects of International Business. Different projects have different point totals relative to the length of each project.

    Common Core Standards:

    CC:RI.9-12.1, CC:RI.9-12.2, CC:RI.9-12.8, CC: W. 9-12. 1, CC: W. 9-12.2,     CC:W.9-12.4, CC:W.9-12.5, CC: W. 9-12. 7, CC: W. 9-12. 8, CC:W.9-12.9,     CC:W.9-12.10, CC:L. 9-12. 4, CC:L. 9-12. 5, CC:L. 9-12, CC: SL. 9-12. 4


    International Business Course Expectations:

            Class time: Monday-Friday 8:40-10:05

    • BE ON TIME! Your grade will suffer if you are late. 
    • Everybody is treated with respect. There is to be no swearing in class. Everyone gets listened to. Students should not be doing other class work in class unless finished with all of their work and the rest of the class is still working on the assignment.
    • Food and drink are permitted in the classroom but not in the computer lab or when you are working on the computers. I will allow this unless it creates problems. Please clean up afterwards. Being in line for food in the cafeteria and arriving late for class will result in the loss of these privileges.
    • It is expected that every student comes prepared to class with a pen or pencil and something to take notes with to write assignments with.
    • Please keep feet off the tables as we eat in here.
    • Feel free to ask questions at any time. Not knowing something is not an excuse.
    • At the beginning everyone can sit where they would like. I may change this if there are problems.
    • Late work will be accepted but at a loss of some of the credit. Once an assignment is two weeks late you will be given a failing grade for the assignment.  I will give everyone plenty of class time to get most things done but some work may need to be done as homework (especially if you miss class for some reason). Let me know if there are problems!
    • We will use technology with this course. Do not worry if you need to learn some of these skills. We will make time to learn them. Students helping other students is strongly encouraged. Students on Facebook will be given an F for the assignment.
    • Do not be surprised when I call on you. We will be doing class presentations, please see me when and if presenting is a problem for you. Everyone will be respectful while a classmate is presenting. If this does not happen then the offending person(s) will receive F’s on their projects.
    • Please turn off all cell phones. Keep them out of sight (this includes ipods, mp3s, etc. At this point there will be no earphones used. This may change later in the course.
    • Cheating and plagiarism will be explained and NOT tolerated. Assignments involving either cheating and/or plagiarism will be given an automatic F. Phone #382-1039. Email: mottinger@acsu.org.