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  • Entrepreneurship (School-to-Work 120)


    Course Objective

    The objective of this course is to give the student a realistic view of what it is to run his or her own business.  Students pick a business and write a business plan for that business.  Students will learn all aspects of what it takes to open and run a successful small business in Vermont.


    Classroom Activities

    The following are a list of classroom activities that will be accomplished this semester in Entrepreneurship:

    1. Workbook activities (along with readings from the classroom book)
    2. Case studies
    3. Research of local and national entrepreneurs
    4. Visit and Interview a local business that is similar to the business that you have chosen to work with.


    1. Business Plan. Includes the following:
      1. Identifying the business and naming the business
      2. Market research for the business
      3. Financing of the business
      4. Physical set-up of the business
      5. How to market the business
      6. Interview with local business
      7. Employee hiring and retention
      8. Record keeping and financial management
      9. The use of technology in the business
      10. Legal and ethical dilemmas


    1. 21st Century Skills: Problem Solving, Flexibility and Adaptability, Productivity Initiative Self-Direction, Cross Cultural Skills

      Entrepreneurship Course Expectations:

      ·        Class time: Monday, Thursday & Odd Wednesday  12:20 -1:43

      • BE ON TIME! Your grade will suffer if you are late. Three unexcused tardies will result in detention. I will have you get an excuse note if you are late. Coming in and then going to the restroom and arriving 5 minutes late for class is not the thing to do.
      • Everybody is treated with respect. There is to be no swearing in class. Everyone gets listened to. People are free to speak up but be considerate of fellow students talking in class.
      • The MUHS dress code will be enforced in class.
      • My room is a cell free room! The MUHS cellphone policy will be enforced in class. Have your phones off and out of sight during class time. I will be taking them away immediately if I see them or if you are using them in class. If you need to use the phone in my room please let me know. Consider this to be your first warning! If you cannot abide by this or agree to it then this is not the class for you.
      • Drinks are permitted in the classroom but not in the computer lab or when you are working on the computers. I do not mind food but students will not be excused to go to the cafeteria to get food during class time. Being late for class due to being in the foodline is not an excuse to being late.
      • Feel free to ask questions at any time. Not knowing something is not an excuse.
      • At the beginning everyone can sit where they would like. I may change this if there are problems. Please do not put your feet up on the tables. Backpacks need to be off the tables.
      • Late work will be accepted but at a loss of some of the credit. Once an assignment is two weeks late you will be given a failing grade for the assignment.  I will give everyone plenty of class time to get most things done but some work may need to be done as homework if you miss class. Let me know if there are problems!
      • We will use technology with this course. Do not worry if you need to learn some of these skills. We will make time to learn them. Students’ helping other students is strongly encouraged. When we start using technology, we will follow MUHS’s acceptable use policy. If I see you on Facebook or similar website then you will receive an F for the project. If it is a group project then the entire group receives an F.
      • Everyone will be respectful while a classmate is presenting. If this does not happen then the offending person(s) will automatically receive detention.
      • Please turn off all music. Keep them out of sight (this includes ipods, mp3s, etc). At this point there will be no earphones used. This may change later in the course.
      • Class participation is 10% of your grade so SPEAK UP. Do not be surprised when I call on you. We will be doing class presentations, please see me when and if presenting is a problem for you.
      • Cheating and plagiarism will be explained and NOT tolerated. Assignments involving either cheating and/or plagiarism will be given an automatic F. Phone #382-1104 email:kcollins@acsdvt.org