MYP French 3

  • Welcome to French 3!

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    This is a pivotal year of study for students on the road to language acquisition and communication. Students continue their path to proficiency in this intermediary French course. Students will use French to communicate about a variety of everyday situations such as inviting a friend, discussing household responsibilities, talking about daily routines in the past, reading children’s fairy tales, expressing opinions, etc.  These conversational topics can now be expressed in appropriate tenses (present, past, future). Students continue to explore the cultures of France and francophone countries, by examining and analyzing the products, practices and perspectives from these communities.  In addition, students are introduced to longer reading passages as well as poetry, short stories, and film as a way to study history and culture.  Short compositions will also be written on given topics. Students will explore the reasons for learning a second language and strategies for success when learning a new language.



    Ms. Causton is teaching French 3 for the 2019-2020 school year, please visit her page here