• This course is the third in a sequence of four to work through the Common Core mathematics standards designed to prepare students for college and to be ready for a career. This course continues the study of topics begun in Math 260. See units of study (listed below)


    Essential Questions: What are quadratic functions and what behavior do they model? How can we work with expressions to solve quadratic equations? What properties do geometric figures have?

    Units of Study

    • Quadratic Functions
    • Expressions
    • Quadratic Equations
    • Geometric Figures
    • Similarity and Right Triangle Trigonometry
    • Circles Using Geometry
    • Circles
    • Probability

    Course Outline and Materials

    • Secondary Two Mathematics: An Integrated Approach, by The Mathematics Visions Project, mods 1-9
    • SAT prepartion materials


    Class expectations:   Please….

    • be in your seats and ready to begin class promptly.
    • come to class each day with your textbook, your 3-ring binder, a calculator, a pen or pencil, and your completed homework.
    • listen, think, work, and participate each day.
    • keep your electronic devices turned off and put away.
    • get help when you need it! If you are having trouble with the material, come to me for help, sign up for Flex block, or request a tutor from the Learning Lab(H-103).  Don’t wait!  I am also available before and after school and during blocks 1 & 6.

    Course Expectations: 

    Climate: You can expect to feel comfortable and safe in my classroom. Treating each other with respect is a requirement. Inappropriate or hurtful language, tone, and/or behavior will not be tolerated.


    Attendance: If you know you are going to be missing class, you should try to get the classwork ahead of time. If you have an excused absence, missing work should be turned in as soon as possible. If you miss a quiz or a test, it is your responsibility to make-up the quiz/test as soon as possible. If you have an unexcused absence you will get a zero on any work done that day or due that day. 


    3-Ring Binder: All students are expected to have a three-ring binder to organize the class materials.  When your binder is organized, it is a very useful resource for the homework as well as studying for formal assessments.


    Grade Components 

    Classwork: Show a willingness to struggle productively through problem-solving tasks, to share your ideas, questions & mistakes with others, and to explain your reasoning.


    Homework: Homework will be assigned daily and either collected or checked at the beginning of each class. Homework will be scored on a scale of 0 - 10. You may redo or correct assignments as many times as you would like. Completing homework is an integral part to understanding and mastering the concepts & skills you will be tested on.


    Assessments: There will be quizzes and module tests throughout the semester. The weight of each assessment will be announced when it is given, and will reflect the amount of material covered.





    Final Grade


    80 %

    Quarter 1



    20 %

    Quarter 2




    Final Exam



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