Spanish 3 Course Description

  • Course Description:

    This is a pivotal year of study for students on the road to language acquisition and communication. Development the modes of communication (interpersonal, presentational and interpretive) continues within the thematic contexts. Students are expected to be able to express themselves in simple contexts in the past, present and future tenses. In addition, Spanish 3 introduces students to the most common uses of the subjunctive and its forms. Much new vocabulary is acquired as students talk about themselves and others, daily routines, household chores, transportation, food and other everyday topics. Short reading selections and authentic literature samples are used to introduce or reinforce vocabulary and grammar structures as well as for their cultural and historical relevance.

    Essential Questions:    How do my language skills enable me to communicate with cultural competence and understanding with others? How does a developed understanding of the various cultures of Spanish speaking countries contribute to my increased awareness and empathy for the challenges of a multi-cultural world and culturally and linguistically diverse USA?

    Sources and Materials for this entire curriculum: teacher and internet generated materials, films, videos clips, music with some support of a variety of textbooks


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