Spanish 2 Course Description

  • Students continue to expand their arena of conversation to include animals/farm, daily routines, childhood, geography, food, cities and towns, clothing, shopping, stores, transportation, and travel. Students can talk about their daily routines and learn to talk about past activities.  Students can describe and compare, provide and obtain specific information, express likes and dislikes and express needs.  Students can listen to or read and understand, write or tell a simple story in the past tense. Proficiency at this level is attained by developing the modes of communication (interpersonal, presentational and interpretive) within the thematic contexts. In addition, there is a strong focus on language connections and comparisons in order to interact with cultural competence and to become a lifelong language learner. It is expected that students will attain a novice mid/high proficiency level at the end of the course.


    Sources and Materials for this entire curriculum: teacher and internet generated materials, films, videos clips, music with some support of a variety of textbooks

    Essential Questions:        

    Why should I study Spanish?  How do I use language for enrichment, enjoyment and advancement?  Can I communicate competently in order to participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world? Can I interact with others with cultural competence and understanding?

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