Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Nancy Wollum


I am THRILLED to be back with the Shoreham School teaching team in my 12th year, now as a 2nd grade teacher!  I have been thinking about getting to my foundational roots of teaching for some time; with the changes coming in our district in the next few years,  this year was the opportunity I've been waiting for! 

Just like all parents, I first started as an educator with my two children. I was a homeschooler for many years - pre-digital and LOTS of paperwork for the state!  I taught in a private school, had a a dance studio for ten years (most of my stduents have crossed the high school graduation stage by now!), toured Vermont libraries for three summers with an art class, and wrote a full inquiry curriculum for each of the Shelburne Museum structures - all of this mostly focused on the 7-10 year-old mind. Once my kids got into middle school, I moved into the ACSD school system as a para at Mary Hogan (an excellent teaching training perspective!) and then to Shoreham as a 6th grade teacher. Shoreham couldn't have been a better place to land: class/school size ideal for individual student attention, supportive local community, and a strong, and dedicated teaching staff I am very proud to be a part of.

I am dedicated to finding the spark in each student, in working toward growth from each student's individual needs, and in understanding and directing an education that parents want for their child. I value the communications I get from my families; I take every suggestion, concern...and compliment... seriously and work hard to use those communications toward a joyous and productive learning experience for each child. I really believe in the TEAM approach (you and I are the coaches) for each child!

I am really looking forward to this year even with all the uncertainties around how we will be together.  I believe we can use these unusual circumstances to find ways to support each child...and have it work and work well! There may be frustrations, and it may be challenging at times; but if we are constantly communicating, we can try to adapt, be flexible, and creative...and end up with a learning program that works for your child.

I look forward to hearing from you regularly!