Increasing your computer skills will make online test-taking easier--and also allow you to have more fun with the computer!

  • These games make learning computer skills a breeze


    Keyboarding (typing accurately and using the keyboard efficiently)

    Cup Stack Typing

    Cup Stacking Keyboard Game- Type the letters in white to stack the cups. Accuracy is key.

    Jump Key

    Jump Key- type the letters on the blocks to jump your little guy to the top. You start with lower case letters, then move on to more complicated stuff. Be careful, though, if you type the wrong thing, you'll have to go back to the beginning.

    Typing Club- learn to touch type. This simple tutorial will guide you through single letters all the way up to complicated words--all while letting you know your accuracy and speed.

    Letter Bubbles

    Letter Bubbles- Type the letters in the bubbles as they drift across the screen. If you see a red letter, when that bubble pops, it will pop all of the other bubbles in the play field. Get all the letters before they drift off to the left. Be sure to select "I don't want an account" at the beginning of the game.

    Mouse sklls (point, click, and drag)

    Bees and Honey- First you move the bees, then you click to open the flowers, then you help the bees collect the pollen. A basic look at point, click, and dragging icons with your mouse.

    Vocabulary (computer words and their meanings)

    Computer Vocabulary- Find the hardware in this messy room--then guess the use of each piece of technology

    Internet Safety

    Cyber Five- Five simple rules to help you be safe on the internet.