• Preschool News 4/10

    Posted by Casey Fitzgerald on 4/10/2016

                                                                                                                April 10, 2016

    Dear Preschool Families,


    This week in preschool we continued to learn about space. We started making rockets using soda bottles. We practiced making the letter U, and made beautiful unicorns. The children have been busy making their own books and using collage materials to create! In addition to learning about space, we have also been busy reading books about spring and looking for signs outside. We have also been creating spring crafts to make our classroom beautiful. Prem came on Tuesday to teach us yoga. We also had an all school rehearsal to practice for our spring concert, which will take place this Tuesday 4/12 at 6pm.

    Willow Wheelock from Woman Safe came on Thursday to teach us how to keep our bodies safe.   This was the first session of 5.

    It is hard to believe that we only have about seven weeks left to the school year. It is always a busy and fun time of year. I have listed some important updates and reminders for you below.


    • Spring concert is this Tuesday 4/12 at 6pm (Tuesday/Thursday group only). Please meet me in the gym at 5:45 and have your child bring in a stuffed animal that they can hold for one of their songs.
    • No school…Spring vacation 4/18-4/22.
    • Kirsten Piper (school paraprofessional) will now be joining the preschoolers Monday-Thursday.
    • Early dismissal this Wednesday 4/13 at 1:00.
    • Please send your child in with appropriate clothing to go outside everyday.
    • Preschool class will be closed Friday 5/27.


    If you have any questions or comments, please call me at 352-4291 ext. # 43 or by email cfitzgerald@acsu.org.



                                                                                                    Casey Fitzgerald

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  • Preschool News 2/29-3/4

    Posted by Casey Fitzgerald on 3/16/2016

    This week in preschool…

    Date:   2/29-3/4



    • We had a choice time.
    • We had a long outside recess.
    • Sylvestri read The Cat In The Hat Comes Back.
    • We played musical chairs.
    • We sang, “The Train Goes Down The Track”.
    • We read, Dr. Seuss’ ABC Book


    • We had a long choice time.
    • At morning meeting, we discussed changes we have noticed outside.
    • We went to music with Ms K.
    • We went to the gym for Yoga with Prem!
    • We read, The Cat In The Hat, and made finger puppets.
    • We used water- colors.
    • We read, Brown Can Moo, Can You? By Dr Seuss.
    • We practiced writing the ABC’s



    • We had a 2- hour delay.
    • We had a long choice time.
    • We read, ABC Book, by Dr. Seuss again
    • We played “Alphabet Bingo”.
    • We used geo-boards to make shapes.
    • We used collage materials to create!


    • We had choice time.
    • We discussed what an “accident” is and practiced role-playing what we should say if we cause an accident.
    • We learned the song “Bingo” and then used our names to sing about our friend.
    • We made thank you cards for Mare with our third grade buddies.
    • We read, Green Eggs And Ham and then made green eggs for our morning snack.
    • We read our P story and used scissors and glue to complete our p sound sort.
    • We made polka dot P’s.
    • We went to the library with Ms. Sylvestri.



    • We had a long choice time.
    • We had an extra outside recess.
    • We read The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss.
    • The tooth tutor came and taught us how to take care of our teeth.
    • We painted yellow teeth white.
    • We sorted food and beverages to make happy and sad teeth.
    • We read One Fish, Two Fish, by Dr. Seuss and then graphed a pile of rainbow goldfish.
    • We made cat in the hat masks.
    • We visited the 3-5 graders Wax museum.




    • It is almost time for parent/teacher conferences. Please look for the sign up sheet in your child’s home folder this week.
    • No School this Friday 3/11
    • Early Release day Wednesday 3/16 at 1:00




    As always, please contact me at school or at home with questions or comments.


                                                                                        Casey Fitzgerald

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  • 2/1-2/5

    Posted by Casey Fitzgerald on 2/5/2016

    This week in preschool…

    Date:   2/1-2/15



    Ø  We had a choice time.

    Ø  We worked on our winter weather books.

    Ø  We had a long outside recess.

    Ø  Ms. Sylvestri read us a story about a snow –storm and we checked out new books.

    Ø  We got mail!  Mare sent us 2 post cards with beautiful pictures of Florida.

    Ø  We sang, “5 Little Monkeys swinging in a Tree”.

    Ø  We read, Baby Bear Counts One.


    Ø  We had a long choice time.

    Ø  At morning meeting, we discussed “Groundhog Day” and made a T-chart to graph our predictions.

    Ø  We went to music with Ms K.  We learned the names of some famous composers and why they were important.

    Ø  We went to the gym for Yoga with Prem! 

    Ø  We read, Moonbear’s Shadow by Frank Ash.

    Ø  We learned a finger-play called “Mr. Groundhog”.

    Ø  We made groundhog puppets.

    Ø  We found our shadows and experimented making them change their shape, direction, etc…


    Ø  We had a long choice time.

    Ø  We had an extra inside recess in the music room.  We played games with beanbags, balls, and the parachute.

    Ø  We read, The Mitten by Jan Brett.

    Ø  We made giant mittens, and then cut and colored the animals from the story.  The children enjoyed retelling the story using the props they made.

    Ø  The afternoon group dictated to me what they would do if they were a snowman at night.


    Ø  We had a short choice time.

    Ø  We learned a new technique to help us calm down. 

    1.  Put your hands on your belly and say “stop” 2. Name your feeling 3.  Take belly breaths

    Ø  At morning meeting we discussed clay, and compared it to play-dough.

    Ø  We had a special visitor Kathy Clarke (Evelyn’s Grandmother), who helped us make owls!

    Ø  We played a great soccer game during our extra recess.

    Ø  We read, Olive The Octopus.  Our letter of the week book from last week!

    Ø  We went to the library with Ms. Sylvestri.  She read us a fun book about pigs, and then we made pig faces!





    Ø  We had a long choice time.

    Ø  We played with scooters and balls in the gym.

    Ø  We read, The Mitten by Alvin Tresserts.  We made a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two versions of the story the Mitten.

    Ø  We played Number Bingo.

    Ø  We practiced writing our letters on white boards.

    Ø  We read Cleversticks, by Bernard Ashley.

    Ø  We started a class book detailing what each child is an expert at doing.



    This week’s choice time activities:

    1.     Play-dough

    2.     Blocks/Lego’s

    3.     Squeeze and tweeze sorting game

    4.     Coloring

    5.     Packing peanuts in the sensory table

    6.     Stencils

    7.     Painting

    8.     Wiki Sticks

    9.     Collage Materials




    ·       Valentine’s Day/Friendship Party Thursday 2/12.  (We will something small on Friday for the three-year old group).

    I have listed the children’s names below.  This is a great opportunity for your child to write their classmates names.  Please encourage your child to use pinch and rest to grasp their writing tool and to write in all uppercase letters.

    ALICE                        AVALON            GRANT                        GABRIEL            MOLLY            LILY            EVELYN            NOAH                        TUCKER            KINGSTON                        TYSON            MS.  PIPER                        MRS. FITZGERALD                        MARE

    *If you would like to bring in a special treat for the celebration, please see me.


    ·      Thank you to those of you who brought in an art supply for our basket to raffle off.  If you haven’t done so yet, there is more time.  The deadline has been extended because the ice- fishing derby has been postponed.  Next Friday 2/12 is the new deadline.


    ·      I forgot to include a cover letter with the children’s development and learning reports.  If you would like to discuss anything about the report, please let me know.  I am happy to chat about them!


    As always, please contact me at school or at home with questions or comments.


                                                                                        Casey Fitzgerald

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  • Week of 1/20-1/22

    Posted by Casey Fitzgerald on 1/24/2016
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  • Preschool Curriculum

    Posted by Casey Fitzgerald on 1/6/2016

    Preschool Blog

    January 4-8 2016

    Happy New Year!

    It is hard to believe that it is January 2016!  We have been very busy in the preschool classroom.  

    This week we focused on winter and winter weather.  


    The children enjoyed hearing stories that they can relate to, such as, The Snowy Day, The Biggest Snowball Fight, The Biggest Best Snowman, Snow Music, and Geraldine's Snow.


    Building A Snowpal, 10 Little Snowmen, Melting Away, Winter Weather

    We also practiced our songs for  our winter concert with Ms. K, which will take place next Tuesday 1/12 at 6:00.

    Letter of the Week:

    We spent some time on Tuesday reviewing the letter K and are learning the letter L this week.  We completed the letter L sort and made lizards.  We read, The Lamb Who Loved To Laugh.  FYI... even though we focus on a letter a week, we talk about all the letters daily!


    "Musical Chairs", "Cold Snowball" (similar to Hot Potato), "Clickety,Clack", "Follow The Leader", Alphabet Bingo


    Snowman sequence, scarf measuring, Hot vs. Cold sort, wrote and illustrated seasonal stories with our 3rd grade buddies, predicted the fastest way to melt snow and then conducted an experiment to test our predictions.



    Sparkly Snowflakes, Coffee filter snowlfakes, Self Portraits, Paint pops, Fingerskating, Icy suncatchers





    • Our loft has arrived!



    Thank you to John Nuceder, The United Way (Days of Caring), and Three Oaks Construction for helping us build, paint and install this amazing loft!  It has made our classroom an even more exciting place to spend our days!




    • Winter concert is Tuesday 1/12 in the gym. All children in the four-year old progam are required to attend.  Please meet me in the gym at 5:45.  Your child will sit with his/her class during the concert.  All childen should come to the concert wearing clean, logo fre clothing.  You may pick your child up immediately following the concert from me.  It is very important that you communicate to me that you are taking your child.
    • Yoga will begin Tuesday 1/26

    Children will paticipate in a weekly yoga class with Prem Prakash, who is experinced at teaching young children.  He will use appropriate techniques to engage the children in learning different poses and relaxation techniques.  I get to participate as well!  This allows me the opportunity to use what is taught throughout the week during other body breaks.  

    Why is Yoga imortant?

    Yoga is about exploring and learning in a fun, safe and playful manner.  I am really excited for the children to learn about their bodies (how to move more freely and with greater ease and awareness); how to breath better (and learn how breathig can impact how we feel); how to use their ebnergy more effectively (more relaxed, focused, and motivated); how to quiet their mind by learning to sit still and listen with attention; balance; and taking care of themselves.  


    • Basket Fundraiser

    Salisbury Community School is beginning to ask for donations for the annual basket fundraiser.  Each class is creating a basket with a different theme to raffle off.  All of the money raised is used for the 5th/6th grade class trips to Camp Keewaydin and Boston.  As a parent of a 5th grader and a 6th grader, I am greatly appreciative of the money raised by the entire school for my children to have these amazing opportunities.  It is our hope that these fundraisers are successful and can help us sustain these trips for years to come.  Before you know it...the preschoolers will be 5th and 6th graders!

    The preschool's basket theme this year will be Art Supplies.  I am asking for each family to bring in something new to add to the basket.  Some exmples of items I are hoping for are: 

    Paintbrushes, paints, scissors, paper, tape, markers, pencils, crayons, stickers, etc...

    Please send in your donation by Thursday 1/28.  All donations are appreciated.

    • Pinch/Rest *Please remind your child to use pinch and rest when using writing and drawing tools.
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