• About the Learning Center

    The MUHS Learning Center consists of the Library and Technology Center Lab and serves all MUHS students and staff.  The Learning Center supports the mission, vision and core values of MUHS as well as the Learning Expectations for 21st Century Skills. The library’s resources include an up-to-date book collection, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and an electronic research databases. Library staff are available to help students research, complete academic assignments, find and cite digital and print resources, and find new books of interest.
    Librarian: Stephanie Sherman 802-382-1144
    Assistant Librarian: Louise Carl 802-382-1148 (Circulation desk)
    Cataloging: Ellen Hansen 
    Technology Lab: Mark Mooney
    The Library is opened daily from 8:00am until 3:15pm. 
  • MUHS Learning Center Expectations

    Students are expected to:
    • Be respectful
    • Be productive
    • Allow others to be productive
    • Be responsible
    • Finish all food and drinks before entering the Learning Center (plain water in closed containers is allowed)
    • Sign in and out at the Circulation Desk
    The Learning Center is a safe space conducive to learning. Juniors and Seniors may use the Learning Center during free block periods to study, do research, or complete projects. Freshmen and Sophomores may use the Learning Center during Guided Study by asking an academic teacher for a pass to be presented to their Guided Study teacher.  All students are expected to sign in and out at the Circulation Desk.  

    The Learning Center is intended as a quiet study area to be used by students for educational purposes and quiet activity. Students are expected to maintain an academic atmosphere that permits others to read, learn, or work. Students who repeatedly demonstrate a focus other than reading or academic work will be asked to spend their free time elsewhere.

    Computer Use

    Computers are available to use in the Learning Center for educational purposes only. Students may use these computers if classes are not scheduled. Students must follow the ACSU Acceptable Use Policy at all times. Students not using the computers appropriately will be asked to log off.  Repeated inappropriate use of technology will result in disciplinary measures.  

    ACSU Instructional Materials Policy